Lighting Equipment Hire

VME maintain a wide range of lighting equipment covering generic, moving head and LED lighting fixtures. From corporate set illumination, theatre and broadcast lighting, to full scale rock & roll stage lighting, VME has the range of products suitable for any lighting designer to create the required look.

Fundamental to hiring equipment from VME, is the servicing and regular maintenance program that all our equipment goes through. We pride ourselves in providing equipment that has been cleaned and prepared fully to guarantee reliability when out on the road. We regularly rotate our equipment stock to ensure our equipment remains new and modern.

By continually investing in new equipment, we remain at the forefront of technical development.

Equipment In Brief

  • Moving Yoke

    Martin MAC250 Entour
    Martin MAC250 Wash
    Martin MAC250 Beam
    Martin MAC700 Wash
    Martin MAC700 Profile

    Robe LEDBeam 100
    Robe LEDWash 600

  • LED

    IPix Satellite mk1
    IPix BB4

    Chauvet Colorado 1 & 2 Tour
    Chauvet Colorado 1 & 2 Tri-Tour
    Chauvet Colordash Accent
    Chauvet Colordash Batten
    Chauvet Batten 72 Tour


  • Outdoor

    Studio Due Citycolor 250
    Studio Due Citycolor 400
    Studio Due Citycolor 2500

    HQI 150 / 400
    25w Golfball Festoon
    5w LED Festoon

    Thomas PAR64 IP-67

  • Generic

    ETC Source 4 Profile
    ETC Source 4 Parnell
    DTS Pinspot 6-Way Bar
    Spotlight Fresnel 1.2Kw & 2Kw
    Thomas PAR 56/64
    Thomas 2/4/8 Cell Molefay
    Showtec 2 Cell DMX Molefay

  • Control

    Avolites Titan Mobile
    Avolites Tiger Touch Titan
    Avolites Expert Titan
    Avolites Expert Touch Wing
    Chamsys MagicQ PC

  • Dimming

    Anytronics ProDim 10A Single Channel
    Anytronics S610 6 Channel
    Anytronics D1225 12 Channel
    Anytronics S1205 12 Channel

    Avolites Powercube
    Avolites Art2000
    Avolites Art4000 48 Way
    Avolites Art4000 72 Way

  • Effects

    Martin Atomic 3000
    Martin Atomic Colours

  • Atmospherics

    Martin Magnum 2000
    Jem ZR-22
    Jem Glaciator X-Stream
    Look Solutions Unique 2.1
    Reel EFX DF-50