Litedeck Staging Hire

VME maintain one of the largest quantities of Litedeck staging in the North West. Through the use of modular sizes, a wide range of of structures can be created easily.

VME is committed to a “safety first” policy with stringent test, maintenance and certification procedures applied to all our rigging stock. All rigging equipment supplied by VME is inspected and tested in accordance with LOLER and PUWER regulations.

  • Litedeck staging blocks of various sizes
  • Various corners, dado blocks and fixed angle sections
  • A wide range of accessories for intricate trussing designs.

Fundamental to hiring equipment from VME, is the servicing and regular maintenance program that all our equipment goes through. We pride ourselves in providing equipment that has been cleaned and prepared fully to guarantee reliability when out on the road. We regularly rotate our equipment stock to ensure our equipment remains new and modern.

Equipment In Brief

  • Litedeck Staging

    Litedeck 4×2
    Litedeck 4×4
    Litedeck 6×4
    Litedeck 8×2
    Litedeck 8×4
    Litedeck 4ft Quadrant
    Litedeck 4ft Triangle

  • Litedeck Accessories

    Handrail 2ft
    Handrail 4ft
    Handrail 8ft

  • Step & Leg Systems

    Alluminium legs 1-4ft
    Litedeck Modular Step Units
    Wooden Step Units 1-4ft